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The Strategy & Soul Show

We provide strategy and soul for female entrepreneurs. Helping you find a feel good business strategy that will 10x your business whilst serving from the heart and soul.

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Jul 18, 2019

Join me in this episode to hear from LinkedIn guru Matthew Clarke.
He is the founder of the rainmaker system - a programme that teaches you how to leverage your sales using Linkedin! 
Matt started his first business at 23 and grew it to over 10million dollars in sales within the first 4 years - this was door to door sales business so if there’s one thing he knows how to do its sell!
He's since branched into the online space and built a phenomenal six figure business teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage Linkedin!
He's had over 1000 clients in 15 different countries that have between them created millions of dollars in revenue without using paid ads - pretty phenomenal!!
And he’s joining us today to share some golden nuggets with you Femalepreneurs and to open your mind as to why LinkedIn is possibly the best platform to use to build your NWM biz!

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Matthew will be joining us next month inside of our academy where he will be sharing a training on how to get 3-5 high ticket leads/clients everyday using LinkedIn.

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